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Delivery shall be deemed to have been made by the customer to Bakeart five (5) days after the date sent.

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Cake Design and Rework

Bakeart follows a food philosophy which advocates the use of minimal color and artificial mediums such as fondant in our cakes. 

Our cakes are never covered in fondant and all accents are removable and do not need to be consumed. For your aesthetic appeal and requirements we recommend the following: 

1. Please select the cake for the flavor and not the appearance

2. Ensure that you have viewed our work on cakes and are aware of the skill level presented. We do not profess to be sugar artists

3. To ensure communication efficiency, please draw and share your design requirements with us. We do not assure 100% replication of your proposed design, as it will be influenced by our own interpretation and aesthetics. 

4. Please consult with us for the correct medium for decoration for your cake. Please note that fondant accents do not hold well when refrigerated or frozen and they will begin to melt. Wafer paper may be stored in the freezer but should never be refrigerated. In some cases we will recommend non edible and removable accents of paper to counter storage and transportation issues. 

5. We do not guarantee that your cake will be an exact replica of the cake pictured in your order unless so specified by you. The final cake appearance will also be impacted by the availability of decorating mediums and lead procurement time (in case of a specific item / color) provided by you.

6. Messages on cakes are more often than not hand-piped on cake or the cake-board. In rare cases banners are used for your cake messages. Banners may at times attract additional charges. 

7. We do not provide any knives or candles with the cake. 


All/ any rework on a completed cake will be chargeable at INR 1500 per hour. Rework requests will be entertained at the Bakers discretion. We do not offer any refunds based on issues regarding cake decoration. 

Shipping and Delivery

Currently, Bakeart facilitates merchandise delivery on the customer’s request within the National Capital Region of New Delhi and other adjoining areas. We do not accept or process returns. Delivery of ordered products should be expected within 5-7 days placing the order or as mutually agreed to by the customer and representatives of Bakeart.  Please note the terms and conditions for processing such requests.

  1. All delivery requests may only be facilitated and processed at the sole discretion of Bakeart. Bakeart accepts no liability whatsoever to ensure that such transport services will be available at the afore agreed date and time.
  2. Bakeart uses radio cabs for delivery of food and the fare for all such transportation will be borne on actuals by the customer and paid immediately in cash to the said cab driver. 
  3. The radio cabs facilitate delivery of food and at no time will Bakeart be held liable or responsible for damage of food in transit and as such no refund claims will be honored. It is always our recommendation to self pick up the celebration cake range or any delicate or frozen products. 
  4. Please take note that for such delivery requests as facilitated through radio cabs Bakeart will not be liable for any delays caused due to the usage of such radio cab services or taxis.
  5. The confirmation of facilitating such a request may be given to the customer through but not limited to a telephone call or a mobile messaging service.
  6. It will be our endeavor to book a radio cab for you as per your provided time range, however this may not always be possible. In the event of a cab refusal for your delivery, you will be liable to collect merchandise from our Vasant Kunj premises. 
  7. We do not facilitate any deliveries before 1000 hours and after 1800 hours. No delivery arrangements will be made on weekends or any holidays.

In case of self pick up, the safe passage of the product will be the sole responsibility of yourself or your designated person. We use standard bakery boxes for packaging our products and will not transfer contents to your provided boxes or containers under any circumstances. We do not stock or provide any carry-bags.

 Bakeart is indemnified from any damages incurred to the food products during your own transportation and handling of the product post pick up from our premises.

Our premises are not manned at all times and it will be your responsibility to ensure food pick up within the previously agreed upon time range (30-45 minutes) between 1000 hours to 1800 hours on working weekdays.

Regarding Food Allergies

Bakeart does not make any claims with regards to the absence of any general or specific allergens present in its food. The Bakeart kitchen works with food products containing Gluten, soy, nuts (including peanuts) and the absence of cross contamination with these or any other ingredients is neither certified nor claimed by Bakeart or any of its representatives. The onus of mentioning food allergies and the responsibility for food purchase from Bakeart and any allergic reactions thereof are solely the customers’ responsibility. As such Bakeart is indemnified from any claims arising in part of completely due to allergic reactions in consumers due to food purchased from Bakeart. 

Bakeart also does not claim any allergen free ingredients as procured from varied and different national and international suppliers. 

Return Policy

You may purchase merchandise from by using any one of the payment options listed. Bakeart reserves the right to change its payment procedures at any time without prior notice to you.

We do not accept or process returns. Delivery of ordered products should be expected within 5-7 days placing the order or as mutually agreed to by the customer and representatives of Bakeart. 

In case of any dissatisfaction with our products, we will be happy to extend a credit for your next purchase of an amount up to 50% of the selling price of the dis-satisfactory product.