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Welcome to The Bakeart Express !!

If there is one thing that I have consistently loved for as long as I remember, it is writing. I started writing poetry from the age of ten and it is a passion that has remained with me for the last three decades; cathartic, therapeutic and blissful.

The Bakeart Express is an amalgamation of all things me. It brings together my unwavering loyalty towards writing and marries it with my passion for Bakeart; a baby I have been rearing for the last five years and more.

Through this blog, I bring to you my journeys in the culinary world and weave it with my experiences of life. The blog answers questions, shares recipes and offers information on several important aspects of vegan food and Bakeart itself. It is my hope, that in time, business patrons, friends and family will want to contribute their written word to this new fledgeling as whole heartedly as they have to Bakeart and more to myself.

I remain grateful for your love and kindness to me and mine as we journey forth!