What does vegan mean? 

All food at Bakeart is 100% vegan . This means that we do not use any animal derived products such as milk, butter, eggs, cream, gelatin etc. The following substitutes are used for food processing at Bakeart 

Butter - Canola oil or cold pressed coconut oil or home made vegan butter

Milk - Plant milks such as soy, coconut, almond or cashew . 

Cream - We use non dairy whipping cream 

Gelatin - We use agar-agar as a gelling agent. 

Is all food at Bakeart organic? 

All flours, spices and sugars used at Bakeart at organic. However, the following ingredients are not organic : 

vanilla, canola oil, Belgian or Indian chocolate chips, coconut milk or cream and dry fruits . 

Please contact us to clarify or request a 100% organic food product. 

What does chemical free food mean ? 

While we minimize added chemicals in food by sourcing organic raw material wherever possible, we do not add any chemicals to improve the appearance or texture of food as is found in most commercially available food. The following agents are used at Bakeart for baking : 

- Baking soda 

- Aluminium free baking powder

- Xantham or guar gum for gluten free food. 

- Agar powder for gelling. 

What are your Delivery charges?

Delivery is offered on actual charges through cabs. The customer is required to be available at the delivery address and should have provided a reachable phone number for the cab driver to contact him/her. The food will need to be retrieved from the cab as the cab driver will not door step deliver. All cab charges will need to be paid in cash to the cab driver when the food is picked up from the car. 

In the event that the cab driver is unable to reach you, you will be liable to collect the food from our Vasant Kunj address and also pay the cab charges incurred in the transit thus undertaken on your behalf. 

Do you have a store? 

We are a home based business and we process food only on order. Bakeart currently does not have a store location. 

What precautions do you use for celiacs? 

We process gluten free food but are unable to assure 100% contamination free conditions. We hence do not serve Celiacs.

Tell us more about Gluten free food?

Gluten free food at Bakeart is made using the following ingredients . These are used as and when required by individual recipes: 

- Home made gluten free flour mix comprising of organic single grain flours and starches 

- Gluten free cocoa powder

- Cane sugar or home made date or raisin paste 

- Organic seasoning 

- Dry fruits 

- Plant milks as preferred by the customer 

- Additives such as dry fruits as required by the recipe

Additionally, Gluten free flours used are organic sorghum, organic brown rice, organic white rice, organic amaranth, organic ragi, organic maize etc. Please note that we do not use pre blended flour mixes for baking as these have been found to be tainted with gluten. 

What does sugar free food mean ? 

At Bakeart sugar free food uses sugars naturally present in fruits and vegetables. We do not add any form of refined sugar, cane sugar or jaggery to food marked sugar free. 

What is oil free food? 

Oil free food at Bakeart does not use even a single drop of any form of oil or fat. 

Can we have your recipes? Will you conduct classes? 

We do not conduct classes at the moment and we are happy to share vegan food recipes which are not being commercially used by us . Please write in to bakeart.in@gmail.com for any vegan food help that you may need. 

When will you ship my order? 

Orders are typically shipped between 3-5 days of placing the order. Please call us at 9642600005 for urgent orders.