• Vegan whole-wheat pita with original & beetroot-basil hummus


    Product information: Vegan pita bread made with organic whole wheat flour, olive oil, organic rock salt and yeast. 

    The bread is paired with homemade original hummus made with organic chickpeas, organic home made tahini, organic lemon, organic rock salt, organic garlic and parika. We also offer alongside a second hummus variation made with organic beetroot and livened with homegrown basil ! Both hummus dips are made available in 300 gram glass jars. 

    Refined flour free and refined sugar free, contain no preservation, chemical or transfat. 

    Ingredients: Organic whole wheat flour, organic cane sugar, yeast, olive oil, organic rock salt , organic chickpeas, organic home made tahini, organic lemon, organic garlic and parika, organic beetroot and home grown basil. 

    Brand promise: We ensure hygienic processing of all our food products which are freshly made to order. We do not pre-process and store food and we do not use any chemical additives and preservatives in any of our food. All our food is cruelty-free and vegan.

    Storage and handling: The pita breads are best consumed on the same day. Bread should ideally be kept  wrapped and at room temperature.

    Hummus needs to be stored refrigerated and consumed within 3-4 days.  

    Shelf Life: For immediate consumption.

    Product size: 6 pita breads, 300 grams original hummus and 300 grams beetroot basil hummus. 


    Packaging:  Pita breads are delivered cling wrapped in brown paper bags/boxes. Hummus is packed in glass jars. 

    Shipping: Shipping is available at an additional charge.