The budget vegan cheese - 500 grams


Product information: When I was growing up, cheese meant one thing. We did not grow up with fantastic variety of international cheeses but the humble Indian version that could be grated, melted, sliced or generally eaten raw. The perfect vegan cheese has been formulated based on research done by international vegan cheese best selling brands across the world and our own work at Bakeart for the last four years with vegan food. 

This cheese melts, can be sliced. grated and generally be nibbled at by children. Most importantly, it doesn't use ingredients you need to google and is still a 100% plant based. And like all our other food this is free of chemicals, preservatives and any trans-fat. 

The budget vegan cheese is different from the perfect vegan cheese in that it is cheaper and uses lesser proportions of cashews and coconut milk. This cheese also uses potato as an interesting new ingredient. Texture wise, it is less rich and a little less firm than its deluxe version, but it still tastes pretty darn close . In fact in all our trials customers could not tell the difference. 

Ingredients: Cashew nuts, coconut milk, lemon, black salt, onion powder, garlic powder, vegetable oil, agar, nutritional yeast, organic rock salt, apple cider vinegar, potato. 


Storage and handling: The product should be stored refrigerated. We advise you to store this in brine or cling wrapped. 


Shelf Life: The cheese can also be stored frozen for upto 15 days and will last 7-10 days refrigerated. 


Product weight: 500 grams. 


Packaging: paper box.

Shipping: Available at an additional cost. 

Allergen information: This product contains soy or nuts  . The cashew used for this cheese is not organic