Quinoa bread


Product information: Finally the gluten-free vegan bread which is not dense and is soft and springy and flavourful ! The bread is made with organic quinoa, arrowroot and cornflour and uses flax and yeast as well.  

Please note : we do not have a gluten-free kitchen facility.

Ingredients: quinoa, arrowroot, cornstarch, organic unrefined sugar, vegetable oil, rock salt, flax seeds, yeast, xantham gum, psyllium husk, soy milk.

Brand promise: We ensure hygienic processing of all our food products which are freshly made to order. We do not pre-process and store food and we do not use any chemical additives and preservatives in any of our food. All our food is cruelty-free and vegan.

Storage and handling: Gluten free bread can be stored in the freezer for upto 30 days. When consuming the bread, allow it to thaw and slightly toast the bread for best results. 


Shelf Life: 30 days in the freezer. 

Product weight: 700-800 grams. 


Packaging: Gluten-free bread is delivered wrapped in brown paper bags.

Shipping: Shipping is available at an additional charge. 

Allergen information: Contains soy or nuts.