Olive oil Butter


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Product information: A perfect replacement for dairy butter, this butter meets all your cooking and other buttery needs :) 

Please note that the butter needs to be stored frozen at all times. The product is an emulsification and tends to separate at higher temperatures. Should this happen, the product should be blended and immediately stored in the freezer to maintain a solid consistency. 

Ingredients: Olive oil, plant based emulsifiers, plant milk, salt, lemon juice, organic turmeric, xantham gum. 


Storage and handling: The product should be stored refrigerated. 


Shelf Life: 3-6 months if refrigerated. 


Product weight: 300 grams


Packaging: Glass jar

Shipping: Available at an additional cost. We recommend that you pick up the product on your own because of the unstable nature of the product at higher temperatures, it is likely that the product will reach you melted and will require blending to reach its original or intended consistency. 

Allergen information: This product contains soy or nuts