Mini cakes - Chocolate-Caramel (wholewheat) and Organic mango (Gluten-free)


Product informationThe mini cake box is here!  

If you've been wanting to experience our work or just eat two different flavours of cake, this is the product for you. This particular combination has an organic whole wheat chocolate cake with caramel frosting. The cake is topped with Belgian chocolate ganache.  

The second cake in this box is a gluten free vanilla and organic mango cake, filled in with mangoes and topped with an organic mango gel.  

Both cakes are made with organic flours, organic unrefined sugar,  and  are free of all transfat, chemicals and preservatives. All flavours and colours used in both  cakes are natural. 

PLEASE NOTE : We do not have a gluten-free kitchen facility.

Ingredients: Organic sorghum/rice, potato starch, organic whole wheat, homemade vegan caramel, cocoa, tapioca, arrowroot, organic cane sugar, baking soda, aluminum free baking powder, organic mango, callebaut chocolate, vegetable oil, soy based non dairy whipped cream, vinegar, rock salt, coconut milk.

Brand promise: We ensure hygienic processing of all our food products which are freshly made to order. We do not pre-process and store food and we do not use any chemical additives and preservatives in any of our food. All our food is cruelty-free and vegan.

Storage and handling: This iced cake is best stored in a refrigerator and consumed immediately.


Shelf Life: 3-5 days in a refrigerator


Product weight:  2 individual cakes weighing between 275-325 grams each. 


Packaging: Paper bakery box

Shipping: Available at an additional cost.