Gluten free Vanilla And Strawberry Cake Topped With Strawberry-Balsamic Butter


Product information: This is a vegan and gluten-free vanilla cake made with organic sorghum, tapioca and arrowroot. The cake is made with  pure Madagascar Vanilla, and interspersed with Organic Strawberry . No binders natural or chemical are used in this cake for example - flax, psyllium, xantham, guar etc. 

The cake is topped with a Strawberry butter insert flavoured mildly with balsamic. 

Please note : we do not have a gluten-free kitchen facility.

Ingredients: Gluten free flour mix, Organic cane sugar, organic Strawberry, aluminium free baking soda, Aluminium free baking powder, Vegetable oil, vinegar, organic rock salt, vanilla, cocoa butter, agar, non dairy whipped cream. 

Brand promise: We ensure hygienic processing of all our food products which are freshly made to order. We do not pre-process and store food and we do not use any chemical additives and preservatives in any of our food. All our food is cruelty-free and vegan.

Storage and handling: The product should be stored airtight in the refrigerator. 


Shelf Life: Gluten-free cakes have a very short shelf life. Please consume this within 1-3 days.  The cake should be stored in the refrigerator and may be frozen for upto 7 days. 


Product weight: 700-750 grams


Packaging: Paper bakery box

Shipping: Available at an additional cost.