Banoffee pie (Gluten-free ) 1 kg


Product information: The Banoffee and I haven't been best friends. Sometimes the caramel was too dark, other times it was too runny. It hadn't quite hit the mark. 

But the new caramel recipe changes everything - sticky as it should be, delicious, sets into a gooey mass. Couldn't ask for more. 

I am also in a very comfortable space rolling and baking the pie crust.  It used to be a nightmare baking these! I remember that I was unable to demold my first pie and had to send it in the dish!

This gluten free Banoffee Pie has finally got everything right. The pie crust is made with organic sorghum, arrowroot and tapioca. It is filled with the bestest vegan caramel, layered with ripe bananas, billows of non dairy whipped cream and finished with Callebaut discs. And yes the vegan caramel has no fat, no coconut milk what so ever !

Refined flour free and refined sugar free,  uses aluminium free baking agents and contains no preservation, chemical or transfat. 

Please note - we don't have a gluten-free kitchen facility . 

Ingredients: Organic sorghum, tapioca, arrowroot, xantham, oil, bananas, rich non dairy whipped cream , organic cane sugar, aluminium free baking powder, aluminium free baking soda, homemade vegan caramel, organic rock salt, cornflour, plant milk 


Brand promise: We ensure hygienic processing of all our food products which are freshly made to order. We do not pre-process and store food and we do not use any chemical additives and preservatives in any of our food. All our food is cruelty-free and vegan.


Shelf Life: The product is meant for immediate consumption and can be stored refrigerated for 5-7 days.  


Product weight: 950-1000 grams 


Packaging: Paper bakery box 

Shipping: Available at an additional cost. 

Allergen information: This product contains nuts, soy and may contain traces of gluten