Bakeart and I, turned vegan at almost the same time in March, 2016. 

Let me share with you our vegan story. 

Before March 2016, I was very much the dairy and egg consuming, meat eating happy average Indian. I proudly consumed three glasses of milk everyday, ate non-vegetarian food once a week and had eggs every day for breakfast. I used ghee for my pooja lamp, proudly shopped leather as a sign of opulence and fine taste, and generally looked disdainfully at people espousing high morals. Dairy curd formed a part of daily family meals and no festival was conceivable without sweets made especially in ghee. 

Around the time I chose to Participate in the 4th Holy Cow Festival, 2016, I joined Facebook pages for vegans with an intent to promote the event and vegan products among members there.  You can visit these pages here:

Through members of these groups, the reality of the dairy, egg, and general animal industry slowly but surely dawned on me. It struck me as amazing that at 35, I never felt the need to question the daily, continuous and copious milk production in a mammal. I was astounded that deep rooted childhood tales of how a cow is a mother because it gives milk remained with me unquestioningly. The naked truth stood in front of me and I could hardly face it. 

Through the Facebook groups fore mentioned, I saw the movie THE HERD. 

The movie humanizes the dairy industry by replacing cows with women. As a mother to two beautiful  girls whom I nourished for 2.5 years on breast milk, I was broken to see the treatment met out to cows. It scorched me to my soul to watch new born male babies getting killed , girl new borns being separated from their mothers, and mothers being plugged to machines which stole every drop of their precious milk. 

I then came upon PETA's video titled HORRORS IN INDIAN DAIRY. 

My concerns now were not just about the ethics of animal food, but the nutritive value and safety of food derived from uncared for , tortured, underfed and chemically  pumped  animals. Several interesting facts came to light. These videos are just a minuscule representation of the reality of animal industries worldwide including but not limited to egg, fur, meat etc. The list is endless.  


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I discovered the nutritive value of vegan food, and I haven't looked back. 

I feel better than I ever have, my energy levels are unbelievable, I started losing weight and came a happier person. I have friends and customers who are non-vegans in their diets but have enjoyed and loved vegan food we made for them. Give veganism a chance, for yourself, for the planet and every imprint of life